How to Make Money Cleaning Out Your Closet

I am a huge fan of an organized closet. The reality, I clean it out and then about three weeks later it’s back to being a mess. The other reality is that I like to keep clothes rotating in and out. Without fail, whenever I clean out my closet I end up with at least two large bags full of clothes that are gently worn and need a new home. My sister always get first choice (if she hasn’t stolen it out of my closet already LOL) but then I always try to recoup a little bit of my investment! Here is how to make money cleaning out your closet.

1. Thred UP

Thred UP is great because it is EASY! You can order a free kit that is complete with a shipping label.  Once you fill up the LARGE bag that they send you, just drop it off at the post office and your previously loved clothes are off to a new home and more importantly out of your closet. You can choose to either sell your items for cash/credit or donate. I choose to sell the items that can be sold and then donate the rest. On average I make $30-$40 whenever I send off a bag. The beauty is, it is the exact same amount of work of simply donating. Once you receive your credit for selling your clothes you can either cash out with PayPal or use your credit to shop for items on their site. I have found some great designer finds like this Diane Von Furstenburg dress. It retails for $395 I got it for $62.

I also found this Kate Spade dress that retails for $398 and got on ThredUP for $63.

ThredUP has a great return policy where you can return your clothes items up to 14 days of receiving them, no questions asked.

2. Poshmark

I am new to Poshmark but my bestie, Charlotte, LOVES it. From my understanding Poshmark connects you with thousands of your “stylemates” (your style soul mates) and you can shop their closets! After you clean out your physical closet, you can add them to your Poshmark closet and your stylemates can shop your closet.  From what Charlotte tells me, you can make more money selling directly to someone but there is also more work involved. You have to photograph your clothing as well as answer questions from potential buyers. If you decide shop other posher’s closets, you are buying directly from someone and you must be careful to ask questions about condition of the item. The only reason you can get your money back on an item is if it doesn’t meet the description. You can shop my closet here and Charlotte’s closet here!

In the end whichever method you choose you can make money for cleaning out your closet!