Meet Madeleine


I am obsessed with my cats, coffee, and a good pair of skinny jeans.



Most days you’ll find me traveling for work, at my office, or collecting eggs from our 31 chickens on our hobby farm!  I’m half of the father/daughter team who own Special Event Keys, a specialty plastics printing company that focuses on custom hotel room keys, luggage tags, and gift tags.  I am always packed and ready for an adventure as long as that adventure includes a beach and a good book.  I’m a wife, doting big sister, business woman and a lover of intentionality and thoughtfulness.

People use the term high maintenance with such negative connotations, but when you think about it, is it really such a bad thing?  I personally don’t think so.

I love serving the world through rescuing and fostering animals.  The things I am most passionate about in life are my faith, family, friends and my fur babies. Moderately High Maintenance is where I share with you the best of what I find in my travels, recipes, style, and life.

My ultimate goal is to add value to your life. Whether it’s a recipe, thought about relationships, style guide, or story about our life, I want you to be able to take something away from each post.





Here are 5 things you may not know about me:

  1. My Sister has always called me Lolly because she couldn’t say Madeleine when she was a child.
  2. When I competed in Miss Virginia my talent was classical piano.
  3. I love to scuba dive, but always get seasick.
  4. I love city life but also love life in the country with my chickens and my new baby goats. My dream is to one day have cows!
  5. I’ll binge watch a show in a heartbeat but I have the hardest time sitting through a movie.

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