Photography Challenge with CreativeLive

As you probably know, I love taking photos for MHM and Instagram. However, I’ll admit that I could definitely benefit from some tips on how to be a bit more creative. The remedy? I’m going to take some online lessons, and I want you lovely people to join me!

Here’s how it’s going to work. I’m taking The Photography Starter Kit for Beginners course by John Greengo. It’s a great starter course for amateurs, it gets us ready for bigger and better things by explaining the basics. I know I sure need that, how about you?

So, what is CreativeLive and who is John Greengo? CreativeLive is an online education platform that offers more than 1,500 classes from top instructors in photography, art & design, money & lifestyle and crafting. John Greengo an award-winning outdoor and travel photographer with over three decades of experience; he knows his stuff and teaches people like us from all over the world.

Across 17 lessons that you can watch anywhere from your computer or phone, John will be teaching us what we need to know about camera functions, what all the jargon means, how to use lighting, composition, and positioning to get excellent photos. He will essentially show us how to get the most out of your camera without any other expensive equipment needed.

The way I see it, this is a win-win for you guys. Not only will you hopefully (fingers crossed!) start to see some cooler photography from me, but I’ve also been able to get you 20% off the class with me. I want this to be a great journey for us all, so let’s get it started here.

I’ve picked out a couple of my photos that I’m proud of and included them below, so check them out and let me know what you think!

Jord Wood Watch

What I want from you guys is the same. Show me what you’ve got! This is our journey, not just mine, so share the two photos you think are the best you’ve ever taken on the MHM Facebook Page and I’ll post the best ones on here soon.

So who’s coming on this photo adventure with me? All you need to do is put in this code ISHARE20 when booking your place here on the course to get my 20% discount. I’m super excited for these classes and I hope you are too.

 By the end of the class we can all share some new photos to show much we’ve developed (there’s a photography pun for y’all!) from the ones we’ve shared here!

I could benefit from photography tips. The remedy? I’m taking some online lessons, and I want y'all to join me!

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